Platform, Integrations & Data

A reliable and flexible cloud solution that delivers global scale and speed in implementation.

Cloud-based implementation

Lower cost of implementation, with no infrastructure or operational cost, and scalable on-demand.

Scalable Architecture

Geographic scalability across languages, timezones and a multi-tier network.

Integrations and Data

REST APIs to exchange data. Connectors with other enterprise systems like Salesforce, SAP.

Delete / User Management

Online and XLS based tools to easily upload/download data.

Reliability & Security

Centralized control – Permissions framework and control over data and content.

Secure Infrastructure – All communication is secure and encrypted, and access to all systems is controlled through firewalls, VPNs and MFA.

Hosted on AWS with redundancies to ensure up-time.

Data Privacy & GDPR

Data Privacy and compliance with EU guidelines and PDPA.

Permissions Framework

Role-based access control.

Easy administration of roles and complex permission rules.

Granular control on permissions.

Audit trails.

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