Rewarding the right behaviours in your sales force can significantly drive meaningful engagement and revenue. Our framework will help you do just that.


Points, Badges & Leaderboards

Leverage our framework to intelligently reward consistency and progress and engage a distribution force with competitions and badges.


Engage a large distribution force with competitions and prizes, easily deployed on the platform.

Customised Frameworks

Seamlessly allocate points to content interactions and product sales to build holistic sales competency.



Configure promotions and incentive rules to capture sell-out.

QR Code Management

Our system will seamlessly fulfill QR code creation to manage incentive tracking.

Fraud Management

Fraud management enabled to prevent double-entry of product sales.


Points, Badges & Leaderboards

Real-time status updates on incentive status and tracking.



Seamless Approval

Easy redemption and approval process in the App allows immediate user gratification.

Catalogue Management

Comprehensive management of rewards catalogue, updated scope and offers.

Partnerships & Integrations

Easily deploy integrations with existing reward and payment partners.

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