Sales Enablement

Build confidence in your field sales teams by equipping them with relevant information and tools to do their job better.

Advocacy & Sales Readiness

Content Recommendations

Leverage our machine learning capabilities to automatically drive relevant content streams to users through our recommender engine.

Bite-sized Multi-formatted Content Creation

Easily transform your sales collaterals into bite-sized cards with our intelligent templates.

Pedagogic Content Distribution

Organize your sales content delivery with a flexible and contextual pedagogy that drives a measured and impactful learning journey.

Rule-based Streams Delivery

Schedule contextual and automated delivery of information and activities to relevant sales users.

User-Generated Content

Engage users with video and photo activities that can be leveraged for product pitch training and build a sense of community.

Skills Graphs & Assessments

Access real-time data on user competency to effectively drive field sales readiness.

Share PDFs, PPTs, XLS and videos to customers

Enhance field sales conversations with shareable mobile-optimised reference content.

Intelligent Tagging & Content Surfacing

Ensure that your sales teams are referencing the most relevant content through our intelligent content recommenders.

Sales Productivity

Intelligent Journey Planning

Maximise field time for sales by allocating time-effective and customised user journeys.

Customer 360 Account Views & Smart Recommendations

Provide sales users with a comprehensive customer view including historical transactions, sales predictions and intelligent sales recommendations.

Bite-sized Multi-formatted Content Creation

Advise on Next Best Actions for sales and motivate higher activity completion with intelligent nudges and notifications.

Real-time Targets & Performance Tracker

Track execution and performance using Plan Adherence Scores (PAS).

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